Beyond the Band 18

Yes, without the music there’s nothing. But there are many different elements that comprise a successful career as a musician. LATW/Fans First Productions concept to get you up close with artists and the team that supports them: managers, tour managers, agents, label reps, PR reps, and all the components that create success. 


We aim to provide opportunities for artists and their teams to engage with fans and fellow performing artists by sharing their true stories about what it takes, personally and professionally, to build a successful career in music. This entertaining and educational program offers a receptive, targeted audience unequaled access to music industry luminaries. And, of course, we have far too much fun in the process.

No two events are exactly the same, as we work with the teams to reflect their personalities and preferences, while also giving them an opportunity to shine a light on any causes or issues that inspire them. Typically, the program breaks down into three parts: a discussion between the artist and their team, moderated by a seasoned music industry pro who frames the conversation; a Q&A session that gives audience members an opportunity to ask the team direct questions in their own words; and a live performance by the artist.

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“As an avid concert goer (over 500 shows across the world), I can honestly say that the Beyond the Band series has been my very favorite event.  Hosting one of my favorite artists, Julien Baker, the Beyond the Band team made sure all aspects of the event were expertly organized.  As a plus, knowing the proceeds of the poster were to benefit an ill friend only added to the magic of the show, itself.

The choice of The Sinclair and an offering of a general admission arrangement was an excellent choice for sound and intimacy. Posters, event-specific merchandising, and a welcoming staff really made for a familial atmosphere where an unforgettable memory was sure to be enjoyed by all.  Above everything, getting to interact with the stars using the crowd’s own, totally impromptu questions in a warm, welcoming setting really ‘set the stage’ for the very personal performance that followed.

Words simply cannot express my sincere gratitude for Beyond the Band – truly, I have not had such a memorable experience and experienced such an eye-popping show.  Thank you so much!”  — NICK

“I have been going to shows since I was young…but this was unlike anything I have ever been to or seen. Something I will never forget. Thank you BTB & Thursday.”  — MATTY